It’s up to you whether you meet your set goals or not. Choose wisely! Make well thought out decisions to excel to the level of greatness you intend to face. You are the captain of your own ship.


Accomplished Day 2/9/2017

Today is a day of total and absolute accomplishment for this company. It has been a day of release as well as a day of receiving. Today is a day of liberation and total surrender, where freedom is placed on the pedestal of life. A movement has been started that cannot be contained any longer and nothing and no one will be able to stop the projective goals, dreams nor visions upon the tablet of my heart. The past left stabbing pain of reckoning and tireless nights that never seemed to end but would go on to cause one to remember the days of yesterday before that, giving the notion that someday would never come, but it did and now I am living in the moment of forever, saying Hallelujah to the Most High God, who is Lord over all creation. Moving waters cannot cease to move for the current of such is none and a long way off. Until next time…Keep sewing seeds of accomplishment.

Tips to make your sewing projects smoother

Sewing tips that make projects easier are very beneficial.

Tip 1

Prepare each project in steps and work from those steps only to prevent being overwhelmed by the overall project. Make your tasks as simple as possible. This will cut your workload in half and if youre in business this is a big plus.

Tip 2

Be sure there you have have tools needed for your project on the table before you begin.

Tip 3

Be sure your scissors are nice and sharp. Some sewing machine shops will sharpen scissors for a nominal fee or even free, which is even better.

Tip 4

Be sure to have a container handy to catch your all your scraps to prevent slips and falls.

Tip 5

Have drinks on hand to prevent dehydration. The less you get up the better and quicker you will get more done.

Tip 6

Be sure to have some music that help you concentrate.

Tip 7

Have a bin handy to place your completed work to keep your work area free of clutter.

Tip 8

Have your magnetic pic holder handy.


Stay Tuned..

Stay tuned for all the new cool items that we will be featuring on our website just for you. There will be more accessories for men and even some things for the kiddies. Your payments are even easier to make. Remember to tell all your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and even strangers you meet on the street about Venise Fashions, where we are changing the World, one lap at a time.

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